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Why does cake cost so much? After all it’s only butter, sugar and flour right?

Well, not quite.  First there is the consultation, possibly some ‘googling’ and research, buying of supplies, gathering ingredients, measuring, mixing, lining baking pans, cooking of the cakes, cleaning up the mess and washing the dishes.

Then comes levelling the cakes, inserting supports, ganaching (sometimes twice), colouring and kneading the fondant, covering the cake, smoothing it and then the fiddly decorating.  Figurines and flowers can take hours to make, let alone cutting out circles, piping, rolling, stencilling and other techniques such as carving.

And don’t forget the cost of the ingredients, fondant, boards, internal structure, box, non-skid mat, wires and other bits and pieces, the travel and the actual time to make the cake!!!!  I bet you didn’t realise so much went into cake did you?


Can I choose something that is not on the website? Absolutely.  My repertoire and portfolio is continually changing.  If you have a concept that isn’t already pictured, send me an email or call me and we can meet up and discuss it.  You can attach pictures for inspiration or provide a guide too.


Can I order a last minute cake? A minimum of two weeks notice is usually required.  If time permits, orders may be taken with less notice, but please ring to see if this is possible.


Can I just pop in and pick up a cake? No.  All cakes are made fresh for customers.